Cristina Sada

I am an active, creative, sensitive, efficient, and intense person. I like to be a «bridge» and connect people to their needs. A forward-looking person.

​I manage to relate to a deep level with people, on one hand, and on the other my capacity for wonder, my positive energy, and my desire to solve problems. Above all this: I enjoy and appreciate knowing that I am creative.

Besides painting, I love to write, I have writings for a long time that come out almost without thinking, especially when I am overwhelmed with emotions.

I´m also a yoga teacher, in my classes, I relate to each posture, feelings, movements, sensations, appreciation of the present moment, and colors. Like strength with red, white with peace, blessings with golden glitter. 

I enjoy to be alive and admire everything I see, the people I meet, appreciate what I have. Be aware of the gift of life. Being able to find someone to whom I can give help. Turn to see Heaven and from the soul thank God.

Cristina Sada
El mantón de mi suegra

Cristina Sada
El mantón de colores

Otras obras

Desde las afueras de Zaragoza. Óleo sobre lienzo, 50 x 50 cm
Campo en Aragón. Óleo sobre lienzo, 50 x 50 cm

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